Education's purpose is to
replace an empty mind
with an open one.

Our History

I started it from my house with two children, one of my son and one another child by teaching and telling them all necessary things. Slowly, many people know about my noble work and then many families sent their children to me. After some time I came outside of my house and took rooms on rent and started training and my only aim was to satisfy those parents who gave me their children with a belief.

I feel proud that today including my son I am giving training to almost 50 special children. I am teaching them, teaching them the art of living, motivating for playing, computer knowledge and many more knowledge by which they can feel comfortable and try to connect them salves with the main stream society. In these works, there are lots of hurdles but in front of motherhood these are weak remembers that some one told me in my initial stage that does not matter a mother have how many children but her lap was never be small and her heart is always pouring love and affection to all.
It is my humble and kind request to all of you that the spark I lightened and which I want to make larger than life, It would not be possible without your help. I sow a seed which now become plant and for making it a strong tree your help is appreciable and adorable.


Change Their World.
Change Yours.
This changes everything.

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